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Weddings days to me are days that sing and shout about the two people that have decided to marry each other, on this day, in their own particular way. Always different and always downright beautiful celebrations of people. Magical. Each one an adventure. I find them pretty addictive!

I absolutely love creating a set of beautiful and honest images that capture the fun, emotion, atmosphere and individual spirit of your day. I immerse myself in the heart and soul of the celebrations, so that my images capture exactly that. The smaller, still moments alongside the big ones. The quiet glances, meaningful touches, the joyfulness in faces and fleeting scenes, and how it felt to be right there, in those unique moments. Because when you look at your images years down the line, that’s what I want to come flooding back for you. So that you remember not just what it all looked like, but how it all felt.

A while ago I blogged a wedding and as I was trying to explain a bit about the day I ended up writing about how I felt, as I drove away that night. Turns out it’s a pretty good description of how I feel after each wedding I photograph, so I thought I’d include it here:

“So much excitement, so much fun, so much love, all packed into this day, into these rooms, plain to see on the faces of everyone there (…) Watching them all beam with happiness, hug hard and dance like crazy, I came away into the quiet of the carpark that night feeling like I had been holding hands all day long with what really matters. And I’m not talking about venues or dresses or perfect weather or how many people are there… I’m talking about what is always there, underneath all that, and what weddings seem to make so palpable. How we make each other laugh, how we love. What we mean to each other, those words we choose to say to each other, and all the other stuff we can’t put into words. And just how wonderful it is. This funny carpark bliss of mine has become a very familiar feeling this year, and I’m so very grateful.”

* * * * *

“I have to say a huge thank-you to Lucy for her incredible photography skills, she is a real joy to work with and the poster-girl for true unobtrusive, reportage style photography. When these images landed in my inbox I actually cried, it was like being transported right back to this magical day where every moment and emotion was so accurately captured.” 

Michelle Kelly • Pocketful Of Dreams 

* * * * *

As for me, I live in the centre of Manchester with my brilliant boyfriend, in a slightly odd home with a porthole window (it isn’t a boat!) and a well-loved coffee pot.  I grew up around image makers and camera obsessives – my grandad was a photographer and my dad is a documentary cameraman. I honed my professional and technical skills working full-time for a fashion and advertising photographer for 10 years, producing and assisting on shoots in studio and all over the world. My love of documentary and editorial imagery led me here, and now I’m a photographer who absolutely loves to photograph weddings! It’s always an honour to be asked to do so, and a joyful job that allows me to meet brilliant people at an amazing time in their lives.  That my pictures mean so much to people is about as rewarding as it gets, and I’m incredibly grateful in return.

I also find it really rather tricky to write nifty little blurbs that perfectly sum up who am I and how I do things, so please feel free to pick up the phone or drop me an email so we can have a chat that doesn’t feel half as serious as writing this just did!

Hope you enjoy looking through my work, and if you like the photographs you see then I would love to hear from you.

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