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The last wet and windy June I remember was two years ago, and I went to shoot a wedding on a stormy Anglesey. Which might sound like a daunting prospect for everyone involved, but the grey skies became the perfect contrast to the most joyful, hilarious day. It was so full of life and energy. A bit like the gale force winds that threatened to lift the marquee from its pegs! It was also the first time I’ve seen a wedding car pull in to fill up on petrol – though in all fairness the driver was buying time. I was riding in the back-up vehicle and our convoy of two beautiful, slightly doddery vintage cars somehow managed to overtake the double decker bus full of guests on the way to the church. Even with the pit stop, we still beat them down the narrow lane to St Edwen’s, and Anna had to hide in the old coal shed while they all ran into the tiny stone church. I remember her face beaming in the darkness. I remember running into my spot a few minutes later, covered in goosebumps from a mixture of the wind outside and the velvet voices of the Welsh Male Voice Choir. The church was candlelit but the atmosphere was electric. Soft light on Dan’s face as he waited in the church, nerves dissolving into smiles and laughter as they married. The bus ride was boozy, and the beach was deserted and beautiful. We peeked at it through steamy plastic windows in the marquee, scampered onto it to catch a ten minute dry spell right towards sunset, and a small band of merry guests watched the waves in the dark before the call for dancing (thankfully) put a spanner in their plan for a late night dip.

There was epic warmth and friendliness from Anna and Dan, and from everyone! Plus some serious style going on… though my favourite guest outfit still belongs to Anna’s Grandma, who had the best glasses and a mischievous smile that made me want to adopt her on the spot.

I don’t know if there’s a link between wild weather and wild dance floors, but this day makes me think it’s definitely a thing. Though I suspect this awesome bunch of people would have the best party in whatever forecast you could throw at them. Oh, and look out for the ingenious dance floor restyle… turns out if your dress is ever catching in your heels when you’re trying to dance, all you need is a couple of resourceful mates and a belt!


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