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As long as it takes to whittle down thousands of images into a sensible number to blog (which by the way, this probably still isn’t!), it really is – eventually – one of the most uplifting ways to start a new year. Photographing a wedding has a brilliant way of making me live in the moment – everything else falls off the edges and what I see and feel becomes sort of telescoped into what’s happening right here, right now. For this, and for every single person that asked me to take photographs for them last year, I’m incredibly grateful. Looking back I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am to have been part of all these moments in time, to have been invited in by such warm and lovely people. Because of you I jumped on trains, planes, automobiles and boats to photograph weddings in London, Stockholm, Mallorca, Scotland, and Wales and tootled happily round the corner to so many amazing days in my beloved Manchester.

I’d like to write something that would describe how it felt to be in all these places, watching faces and characters come to life and shine in each other’s presence. Don’t get me wrong, I do get giddy about an amazing space (especially if it’s a greenhouse on an island in Stockholm) and will always, always get drawn in by beautiful light and landscapes, a stylish scene or amazing outfit. But the heart of this post is the same thing that’s at the heart of every wedding – the people. It’s the people I’m grateful for… for welcoming me in, for inspiring me so much. I know this could sound a bit trite and sugary, but even as a very down-to-earth kind of girl I can’t find a more down-to-earth way to say it. I’ve seen such acts of kindness, bravery, love and moments of spectacular hilarity that my own love of humans has been buoyed up. I’ve also never worked so many hours, never felt so challenged, and never felt so at home or as happy ‘at work.’  Thirty joyful days spent with hundreds of people made all my other days last year better, in one way or another.

Making meaningful pictures, telling stories, capturing moments and people just as they are is where the magic is for me.

So although I can’t really write anything that will neatly sum up last year, I can show you a glimpse of what it looked like…



I’ve been back from my adventures on the other side of the world for a few busy weeks now. Meetings with lovely people, new bookings and projects to be excited about, a trip to London for a portrait shoot.. and suddenly here we are. My first wedding of the year is just around the corner and I’m mighty excited. I’m looking at the names on my wallplanner and thinking of all the brilliant people that are getting married this year, and how amazing it is that you’ve invited me in to be a part of it all.

I’m working on a way to share more of my personal work, but for now here’s one from San Sebastian to kick off this year’s adventures.

Yesterday I gathered together this little collection of images from my year. I hadn’t planned to do one of these posts to be honest, I’ve been so busy looking forward lately, making plans for the year ahead… but then I started looking back through my photographs and realised I wanted to say thank you, to all the people and places and moments I found staring back at me.

Turns out that looking back as well as forwards was a good move, because last night I celebrated the arrival of the new year with my head and heart full of the brilliant people I’ve met so far, and everyone who has helped me along the way. That last bit is really important actually, I am ridiculously lucky to have the friends and family that I do, so this is a thank you to all of them too. And without a certain boy prising me away from the screen to eat his amazing dinners I would most probably have turned into a baked bean by now.

A great big thank you to everyone who asked me to take pictures for them… I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am to be found by such lovely people.

I’ll be posting some more work from last year over the next couple of weeks, and you might spot a few sneak previews in amongst this lot.

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead! Here are some of my favourite bits looking back, found in 2013.


Thought I’d share an image I made at the end of summer last year, to welcome the beginning of spring this year. Happy Easter everyone! x

It’s been an exciting week! Lots of lovely conversations about future weddings and in other, non-wedding news I’ve been busy framing images for an upcoming exhibition. ‘Conexiones: British Photography in Spain and Latin America’ opens next weekend at the Instituto Cervantes in Manchester city centre, and it features some of my documentary work from Seville and Valencia. Feel free to pop in if you’re passing, it runs from Sat 23rd March until May 10th and entry is free. Click here for more info, and I’ll be posting more about it all once the exhibition is underway.