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A London pub. A ridiculously amazing black and gold Temperley dress. An even more ridiculously amazing person wearing it. Bridesmaids in black. The most bighearted, loveable guy, glancing out of the window to see The Cab arrive. Their guests shaking hands, then their shaking hands as the words are repeated. And everyone smiles and smiles and every room is full to the brim with love. Polish cherry booze ready for toasting. Roast dinners for wedding tea. Big pub windows and even bigger glasses of wine. The proudest sister standing to speak and standing ovations for best men, one in his socks, arms aloft. Walks to red bushes down the street and (me) trying not to be run over by double decker buses while taking pictures of the brilliantly lovely wedding party. (Thank you bus herding gang of dreams). The best not-a-wedding-band sirens calling everyone to the dancefloor. The longest pork pie I’ve ever seen. Flowers and chutneys from mum’s deft fingers. Hands reaching for the ceiling, for each other, for old times, new times, singing louder than the song playing… and did someone just remember how to breakdance?

A hundred more memories. Easy. Only one day like this though.

Ula and James got married.





Bobby + Jayne, wedding day two (the big one), and we’re in the woods for this one. I challenge anyone to spend an hour with these two and not fall in love with them. It’s like basking in the warm brightness of two very lovely and funny friends that you haven’t seen for a while and you’re just so glad you’re in their company again. No wonder guests travelled from across the globe to come and celebrate with them. It was beautiful, wild, hilarious and unforgettable. I’m so grateful I was asked to capture it all.




So much has happened since my last post… I’ve worked with so many incredibly lovely people, and had a baby somewhere along the way too.  Things have been busy!  I was wondering where to begin the catch up, on here.  The answer came through my front door last week, when Jayne and Bobby popped round (all the way from Australia) to collect a wedding album I’d designed for them. Such a treat to see them, and having them round my kitchen table made their wedding seem like yesterday again. So here we are… it was a wedding of two days, and it started with just a couple of very special hours in Manchester Town Hall for the sweetest legal ceremony, with just their parents watching on.

(Day two, in the woods, up next)


Emma + Ben, a Swede and a kiwi living in London – by way of the US, Zimbabwe (and various other far flung spots) – gathered their beautiful worldwide sprawl of friends and family together for their wedding in a garden on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm. Relaxed, laid-back, all about the fun and celebration, they wanted a day that reflected them both and it was exactly that!
We’d hit it off from Emma’s very first email and I’m so grateful to these two for asking me to be their photographer, for inviting me in to document this beautiful day, for their kindness and brilliantly dry sense of humour, and for showing me a beautiful part of the world along the way!  Rosendals Trädgård had stolen Emma’s heart years earlier, and within five minutes of being there I’d fallen for it too. I happen to have a big softspot for greenhouses, so this place was a bit of a dream for me and the whole day was an amazing experience… the bright sunlit ceremony, led by Emma’s brother, laughter and drinks in the apple orchard, incredible plates of food set out in the greenhouses, mostly grown in the gardens around us, and lots of sweet, increasingly hilarious speeches scattered throughout the evening (it’s a Swedish tradition that anyone can make a toast… I lost count!).
It never really goes dark in Stockholm in June, and I loved watching the skies slowly creep towards a dusky pink, just touching into near-darkness before brightening again, as everyone danced in disco light colours under glass, all hugs and smiles… and so much love.


As long as it takes to whittle down thousands of images into a sensible number to blog (which by the way, this probably still isn’t!), it really is – eventually – one of the most uplifting ways to start a new year. Photographing a wedding has a brilliant way of making me live in the moment – everything else falls off the edges and what I see and feel becomes sort of telescoped into what’s happening right here, right now. For this, and for every single person that asked me to take photographs for them last year, I’m incredibly grateful. Looking back I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am to have been part of all these moments in time, to have been invited in by such warm and lovely people. Because of you I jumped on trains, planes, automobiles and boats to photograph weddings in London, Stockholm, Mallorca, Scotland, and Wales and tootled happily round the corner to so many amazing days in my beloved Manchester.

I’d like to write something that would describe how it felt to be in all these places, watching faces and characters come to life and shine in each other’s presence. Don’t get me wrong, I do get giddy about an amazing space (especially if it’s a greenhouse on an island in Stockholm) and will always, always get drawn in by beautiful light and landscapes, a stylish scene or amazing outfit. But the heart of this post is the same thing that’s at the heart of every wedding – the people. It’s the people I’m grateful for… for welcoming me in, for inspiring me so much. I know this could sound a bit trite and sugary, but even as a very down-to-earth kind of girl I can’t find a more down-to-earth way to say it. I’ve seen such acts of kindness, bravery, love and moments of spectacular hilarity that my own love of humans has been buoyed up. I’ve also never worked so many hours, never felt so challenged, and never felt so at home or as happy ‘at work.’  Thirty joyful days spent with hundreds of people made all my other days last year better, in one way or another.

Making meaningful pictures, telling stories, capturing moments and people just as they are is where the magic is for me.

So although I can’t really write anything that will neatly sum up last year, I can show you a glimpse of what it looked like…