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It’s been difficult to write the intro to this wedding. Every time I try to explain how utterly brilliant it was to be part of it all, I come up short. Matt is a terrific writer so would do a much better job than me at this bit! (if you like science fiction you should definitely check out his work!) So I’m just going to ramble briefly and tell you a handful of my favourite things from the day, and leave the rest to the photographs. That’s sort of the point, after all.

If I try to break it down I could say that the day held (among many other things): two ceremonies, some seriously good style choices, a tiny shiny bright blue car, a quick escape to the woods, trampolining for all ages, welly wanging, ice cream before dinner, amazing homemade details (including some of my most favourite placenames), fresh air in abundance, resident goats and alpacas, incredible speeches with a surprise filmed message from Matt’s grandparents, and a dancefloor crammed with deliriously happy people (look out for the bridal flashmob). All with a jackpot summer’s day of sunshine and a knock-out evening sky.

But I’m not sure that really conveys much more than a ounce of what was so wonderful about this day. This might sound silly, but as we stood in the field after dinner, watching the sky darken and glow, it felt a bit like we were all in a sort of magical hilltop paradise. So much of that is because of who Matt and Suze are, and how they tailor-made a day that focused on what was really important to them both, with friends and family coming together for one of the best reasons there is, for a day full of joy spent with those you love.

When Suze first emailed me to say that they were planning an informal, outdoorsy, bohemiam sort of day I had a feeling we would get along, but just how well we did and how much I enjoyed being their photographer is a real gift, and I’m so grateful for it. Matt’s got a great eye for a shot himself, which makes it even more of an honour that they let me loose on their wedding. I loved spending time with these two, Suze is just an absolute gem and literally lit up every room/field/barn with her amazing smile and laugh and dancemoves. They bounce off each other in the most lovely way, are generous and funny and thoughtful, and I think they might like puns almost as much as I do. I really can’t thank them enough for inviting me in, for being effortlessly brilliant, and for trusting me so implicitly.

Thanks to everyone that I met on the day, it was such a pleasure! Big thanks too for the kindest compliments from the Mums, and for Carolyn at Lower Damgate Farm, for looking after us and for having such a great gang of goats.



It’s June and it’s one of those clean, clear days: hot but not too hot (though Duncan may disagree with me on that). The skies are steadfast blue, and I’m photographing a wedding in some of my favourite Manchester places for a couple that felt like old friends, even though we’d only met a month earlier…

Weddings have this sort of electricity running through them, and it sparks out in all sorts of ways. This bunch were especially electric. Love and joy and fun was flying out all over the place and everywhere I turned I felt like I was catching sparks.

Sarah and her girls got ready in a room at the Midland Hotel, nervous glances collapsing into can’t-keep-it-in smiles. Then off to the ceremony at Manchester Town Hall for excited faces under beautiful ceilings and lovely window light. It’s a good job Sarah likes it there too, as Duncan booked it for their wedding before he had proposed. Strong move!

After the ceremony there were drinks and hugs, some larking about in front of a bus (don’t worry, it was our bus) and a bit of impromptu busking, after which we climbed on board for Ancoats, for the reception in Hallé St Peter’s (the rehearsal home for our city’s brilliant orchestra). The combination of sun soaked city streets and this big open space for everyone to celebrate in was pretty magical… though mainly because this lot know how to celebrate!

Speaking of sparks, look out for Duncan’s Grandma, who likes to put her hands in her grandson’s beards (she also LOVES to dance).  And then there’s the little lad I found quietly performing his new poem “Sugar Rush” – inspired by the candy table (and, I suspect, fuelled by it too). You might spot Sarah’s reaction to a particularly sharp shoe pinch (her Jimmy Choo-ouch! face) and also the moment one of the Best Men decided to deliver his part of the speech in the form of dance.

Duncan and Sarah are two of the loveliest, most relaxed and considerate people you could hope to meet, and they’re clearly crazy about each other. Thanks so much for having me along you two and for totally trusting me, it was a real giggle and a joy from start to finish!

Here are some of my favourites…

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Ten storey love song
I built this thing for you
Who can take you higher
Than twin deep mountain blue
Oh well I’ve built this thing for you
And I love you true

I was trying to find the right words to describe this day, to say how special it was to photograph Charlotte and Alex’s wedding. To see them marry each other after – as Charlotte called it – their whirlwind romance. Just the ten years long.

So much excitement, so much fun, so much love, all packed into this day, into these rooms, plain to see on the faces of everyone there. I’m not sure I can do it justice in words, so I’m leaving it up to the Stone Roses and the pictures to do most of the talking for me this time. Hopefully Alex will approve, seen as it’s the song he proposed during and the first song they danced to as husband and wife. It got a fair few plays during my edit too (I am a Mancunian after all).

I will say this though. Watching them all beam with happiness, hug hard and dance like crazy, I came away into the quiet of the carpark that night feeling like I had been holding hands all day long with what really matters. And I’m not talking about venues or dresses or perfect weather or how many people are there… I’m talking about what is always there, underneath all that, and what weddings seem to make so palpable. How we make each other laugh, how we love. What we mean to each other, those words we choose to say to each other, and all the other stuff we can’t put into words. And just how wonderful it is.

This funny carpark bliss of mine has become a very familiar feeling this year, and I’m so very grateful.


Big thanks to MC Benny for his group shot helping, and props to the awesome Mighty Booth for providing, well, awesome props and hilarious photobooth fun!


Ian and Sara had the most beautiful late November wedding at Dewsall Court, near Hereford. Sara is a more than a dab hand at crafting lovely things and is responsible for most of the gorgeous details you’re about to see below, including the hanging paper curtain in the ceremony room – honestly, this lady has some serious skills! Check out her craft blog Some Bright Spark. Ian is a graphic designer and art director… so between them I had a hunch this was going to be one good-looking wedding. It was exactly that, but much more importantly it was just what they wanted – a small, intimate gathering in a beautiful place, where everyone felt very much at home. Where their own daughter Lila and all the other kids could come and enjoy the whole weekend as much as the grown ups. The day was relaxed and unravelled gently, and at times I felt as though I’d happened across a large and lovely family, having a ball in their countryside pile. There was some specially crafted fun to keep the small ones entertained, including a full blown dress-up extravaganza (little did their parents know, as they enjoyed dinner in the conservatory, that a spaceman and some fairies had taken over the barn).                                      After dinner and speeches came roaring fires and a pub quiz masterminded by a friend, then candlelight and dancing.

Ian and Sara were a dream to work with, leaving me to capture things as I saw them (a freedom that always brings out the best in me), and braving the chill for just long enough for us to giggle our way round the gardens for some photographs. Some of my favourite little touches included the hilarious place name anagrams, meaning that guests had to work out which was their comically jumbled name – see if you can spot the one that made me laugh out loud the most! Oh, and the flowers… the flowers! I’m a sucker for some succulents and this wedding had them in glorious abundance.

But most of all I loved seeing Ian and Sara get wed, and everyone have such fun together, while the wintry sun poured over everything, and the rooms of the house filled up with light and life and laughter.

It was as tough as ever choosing my favourites from their day, but here are some of them. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Flowers: Love, Lily // Dress: Jenny Packham // Kids creche and dress up joy: Cicciona’s



‘Hiya – my name’s Delyth, I’m getting married in September, and you’ve been recommended by a friend’

‘Oh brilliant, that’s really lovely to hear! So tell me a little bit about your plans…’

‘Well, we have a massive white rabbit…’

It all became clear (once we’d both stopped laughing), as Delyth explained that George (their massive white rabbit) was such a big part of their lives they’d like him to be around when they got married. Within minutes of meeting Delyth and Shane in person, a few weeks later, I felt like I was with old friends. They’re two of the warmest, funniest, loveliest people I could hope to meet. Their wedding was full to the brim with beautiful big-hearted family and friends, laughter and hilarity.

George did them proud and hopped down the aisle with the flowergirls, leaving the designated ‘rabbit whisperers’ Del and Shane had planted along the edges of the pews – in case of floppy eared emergencies – to simply enjoy watching him lollop past, to the tune of ‘I’m late, I’m late… for a very important date!’ He didn’t stick around for the meal and dancing but we made sure to include him in some of the photos.

Inspired by George, there was an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel to the whole day, from Del’s blue ribbon to toadstools on tables. Later on there were eye-watering funny speeches, prizes for The Best Flowergirls – both winners in their age categories! (and totally deserved too) – and some seriously brilliant moves on the dancefloor. Delyth and Shane’s wedding was one of the most heart warming, giggle-filled days I ever had the pleasure to be part of… it didn’t even matter that it pretty much drizzled constantly, because this lot were just so amazing. Plus Del’s got one of those smiles that makes everyone else smile, and when you’re in a room with her and Shane and all their friends and family, the sky being a bit grey seems a very small and silly thing to care about.

Thanks so much to Del and Shane (+ George!) for inviting me in… here’s a few of my favourites.