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Ian and Sara had the most beautiful late November wedding at Dewsall Court, near Hereford. Sara is a more than a dab hand at crafting lovely things and is responsible for most of the gorgeous details you’re about to see below, including the hanging paper curtain in the ceremony room – honestly, this lady has some serious skills! Check out her craft blog Some Bright Spark. Ian is a graphic designer and art director… so between them I had a hunch this was going to be one good-looking wedding. It was exactly that, but much more importantly it was just what they wanted – a small, intimate gathering in a beautiful place, where everyone felt very much at home. Where their own daughter Lila and all the other kids could come and enjoy the whole weekend as much as the grown ups. The day was relaxed and unravelled gently, and at times I felt as though I’d happened across a large and lovely family, having a ball in their countryside pile. There was some specially crafted fun to keep the small ones entertained, including a full blown dress-up extravaganza (little did their parents know, as they enjoyed dinner in the conservatory, that a spaceman and some fairies had taken over the barn).                                      After dinner and speeches came roaring fires and a pub quiz masterminded by a friend, then candlelight and dancing.

Ian and Sara were a dream to work with, leaving me to capture things as I saw them (a freedom that always brings out the best in me), and braving the chill for just long enough for us to giggle our way round the gardens for some photographs. Some of my favourite little touches included the hilarious place name anagrams, meaning that guests had to work out which was their comically jumbled name – see if you can spot the one that made me laugh out loud the most! Oh, and the flowers… the flowers! I’m a sucker for some succulents and this wedding had them in glorious abundance.

But most of all I loved seeing Ian and Sara get wed, and everyone have such fun together, while the wintry sun poured over everything, and the rooms of the house filled up with light and life and laughter.

It was as tough as ever choosing my favourites from their day, but here are some of them. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Flowers: Love, Lily // Dress: Jenny Packham // Kids creche and dress up joy: Cicciona’s



‘Hiya – my name’s Delyth, I’m getting married in September, and you’ve been recommended by a friend’

‘Oh brilliant, that’s really lovely to hear! So tell me a little bit about your plans…’

‘Well, we have a massive white rabbit…’

It all became clear (once we’d both stopped laughing), as Delyth explained that George (their massive white rabbit) was such a big part of their lives they’d like him to be around when they got married. Within minutes of meeting Delyth and Shane in person, a few weeks later, I felt like I was with old friends. They’re two of the warmest, funniest, loveliest people I could hope to meet. Their wedding was full to the brim with beautiful big-hearted family and friends, laughter and hilarity.

George did them proud and hopped down the aisle with the flowergirls, leaving the designated ‘rabbit whisperers’ Del and Shane had planted along the edges of the pews – in case of floppy eared emergencies – to simply enjoy watching him lollop past, to the tune of ‘I’m late, I’m late… for a very important date!’ He didn’t stick around for the meal and dancing but we made sure to include him in some of the photos.

Inspired by George, there was an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel to the whole day, from Del’s blue ribbon to toadstools on tables. Later on there were eye-watering funny speeches, prizes for The Best Flowergirls – both winners in their age categories! (and totally deserved too) – and some seriously brilliant moves on the dancefloor. Delyth and Shane’s wedding was one of the most heart warming, giggle-filled days I ever had the pleasure to be part of… it didn’t even matter that it pretty much drizzled constantly, because this lot were just so amazing. Plus Del’s got one of those smiles that makes everyone else smile, and when you’re in a room with her and Shane and all their friends and family, the sky being a bit grey seems a very small and silly thing to care about.

Thanks so much to Del and Shane (+ George!) for inviting me in… here’s a few of my favourites.

Yesterday I gathered together this little collection of images from my year. I hadn’t planned to do one of these posts to be honest, I’ve been so busy looking forward lately, making plans for the year ahead… but then I started looking back through my photographs and realised I wanted to say thank you, to all the people and places and moments I found staring back at me.

Turns out that looking back as well as forwards was a good move, because last night I celebrated the arrival of the new year with my head and heart full of the brilliant people I’ve met so far, and everyone who has helped me along the way. That last bit is really important actually, I am ridiculously lucky to have the friends and family that I do, so this is a thank you to all of them too. And without a certain boy prising me away from the screen to eat his amazing dinners I would most probably have turned into a baked bean by now.

A great big thank you to everyone who asked me to take pictures for them… I still can’t quite believe how lucky I am to be found by such lovely people.

I’ll be posting some more work from last year over the next couple of weeks, and you might spot a few sneak previews in amongst this lot.

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead! Here are some of my favourite bits looking back, found in 2013.


There is so much about this wedding that I love. It was my first London wedding, back in August, and boy oh boy… what a doozy! Meg and James almost eloped to New York and (though that would have been pretty amazing) I’m so glad they didn’t, because instead they did this… a laidback, fun London wedding that was tailored to them and was, quite simply, full of heart.

I love seeing a couple forge their own personal path through their wedding plans, to do things their own way, and Meg and James did exactly that.  Living in Islington they created a brilliant day right on their doorstep, with a ceremony in the beautiful town hall followed by a big old party at Islington Metalworks. Meg quietly got ready in the peace of a nearby hotel room, looking out over the London skyline, while her mum, sister, and aunties gathered in a local make up parlour.  After making her bouquet, and just before leaving the hotel for the town hall, Meg whipped together her own flower headdress!  Wearing a gorgeous short dress from Anna Sui, and cowboy boots for the walk, she and her sister made their way through busy Saturday streets to meet an very dapper looking James. They met not at the end of an aisle, but at a pub on the way. Not fancying the idea of arriving separately or a grand entrance, Meg and James decided to meet before the ceremony and make the journey to the town hall together. James had agreed to take Meg’s name once they were married, as she was so fond of her surname, Rose. I thought this was an incredibly touching twist on tradition, and it made the place they chose to meet all the more joyful – being a pub called ‘The New Rose.’

During the ceremony James’ sister, Joelle, read a poem that she had written for the occasion which was beautiful and funny, and made everyone cry. I feel honoured to have been able to hear it, and I still get goosebumps thinking about it now. Joelle is a poet and playwright and if you ever get the chance to see her perform I would grab it with both hands (follow her on twitter here).

After the ceremony chosen friends brandished spotty umbrellas to guide the guests on a walk to the evening venue, taking them first to a little park on the way for the most brilliant pop-up fizz pitstop. Under leaves and bunting there were hugs and smiles, cork pops and giggles.

Look out for the other surprise pitstop, when we ran into a band busking on Upper Street who then serenaded the happy couple!

The fun and laughter continued with dinner and speeches at the Metalworks, followed by an epic dancing session well into the night with a jawdropping performance from wild rockabilly kings, The Houndogs. Seriously, these guys were amazing and had everyone on their feet…  look out for the flaming cymbals!!

I feel so lucky to have shared all this with Meg + James, to have been invited in to document their day was such a privilege, and to top it off I made two lovely new friends in the process. Here are some of my favourites…


Vikki & Michael were married in July, in a little place nestled on the hilltops of Marple, Cheshire.  I was with them from just before the ceremony to just before dinner, so I scooted about in the sunshine for a few lovely hours. Here’s a little selection of images, showing all the happiness and laughter that was bouncing around on top of the hill that afternoon.

Such a lovely couple, thanks for having me.




Venue: Peruga at Woodheys