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Huge and heartfelt thanks for everyone’s messages, you make me feel incredibly proud and grateful.



Just wanted to let you know that we’ve just had a proper look at the photos. They are all so incredibly beautiful, we really are so so happy with them! I don’t think we’ve ever seen photos where we look quite so ourselves.

Thank you!

Calum and Meg x

Meg + Calum • Pre-Wed Shoot, Manchester 2014


They’re AMAZING!!! THANK YOU! I love love love them! As does Ben, my Mum, Dad, everyone who has already had a peek. I really love all of them, you’ve completely captured who we are and caught some hilarious moments! Some of the pictures are just heartbreakingly beautiful  – I love all of them but especially the ones of our ceremony, on the steps, in the park and just outside before we ate but also so many others  –  there’s one where my sister is holding her daughter and we both have our eyes shut which is just so beautiful and such a special moment and there are so many lovely – and funny!- ones of our friends and family which have made me laugh a lot! You’ve picked out so many beautiful details which I never would have noticed (little piles of books, my calendar) which when I look back in 20 years at these will really make me remember the day and how I was feeling in its build up which I’m sure I would otherwise forget.


Ben + Annabel • Manchester, Autumn 2016

ROB - JAYNE WEDDING LUCY LITTLE-1095Hi Lucy, I know Jayne has emailed but I also wanted to say how amazed I am by the photographs. I was looking through them with the biggest smile on my face. I genuinely love them. You are truly talented and I can’t compliment you enough. My mum has just texted saying “Jayne & Bobby, the pics are an absolute triumph ! We have poured over them reliving the precious moments of the day ! Lucy is in a league of her own. The special memories of the day have been captured superbly ! Xxx”   Thank you so much. Can’t wait for cake date. Have an amazing time on your overseas shoots! Lots of love x

Bobby + Jayne • Manchester, Summer 2015



Oh my god!!! Lucy they are amazing!!!! We are in love! 

We have just watched the slideshow and it’s amazing! Absolutely incredible!!

Thank you so much again! We love them so much! Xx

Becky + Harry • Staffordshire, Summer 2014





Wow Lucy – we’ve just sobbed and hysterically laughed our way through them. We absolutely love them. You captured the feel of the day absolutely perfectly! We just tried to do a faves list and it’s over 450!!! So hard to whittle them down. You are such a talent – absolutely thrilled you were our photographer. Couldn’t wish for a better collection of shots from our amazing day. Thank you so much xxxxx

Stacey-Lee + Patrick • Rossendale, Autumn 2015




EMMA - BEN-0472

Honestly, I was just blown away by the photos. Absolutely stunned. Everyone that we showed the slide show to and the photos to have been so impressed with them. You have done such an amazing job I don’t even know how to begin to thank you. The photos really capture the day and the joy felt by everyone there – just incredible. They are better than we had wished for. Thank you so much. Honestly – just incredible. If you ever need/want client references Ben and I are more than happy to tell everyone how amazing you are and if you want to use the photos for something of course we are more than happy with that as well. Thank you so much,  Emma x

Emma + Ben • Stockholm, Summer 2015



Luce. It’d be massively unfair to respond to this properly now, five minutes before I leg it from the office. But just wanted to say: totally gobsmacked. I’ve very briefly scanned through (all the time I’ve got till later) and have sat with a stupid boss-asking-you-what’s-wrong face for the duration. They are frigging amazing. We’ll be in touch next week. Thank you so so much for all your graft and care and attention. Brace yourself for more of this next week.

Matt + Suze • Peak District, Summer 2014



THE OTTERS0929Luce, I’m texting you at this unsightly hour because I know you’ll be up too, to let you know I couldn’t sleep last night because I kept thinking about how incredible our wedding pictures are and that I’m now watching the video for the 5th time and still crying. Today is worth being knackered for! We absolutely love love love them and once I’ve composed myself I’ll reply properly!

Rachael + Alex • Cotswolds, Summer 2015




Lucy, you wonderful creature! We have just been sitting here, sobbing – the slideshow + photographs are beautiful beyond words. We are so so thrilled, and know that everyone else will be too. Thank you again for all of your hard work + dedication – I want to get married again now after reliving it. Meg x

Meg + Calum • Manchester, Summer 2015

I had another look at Calum and Meg’s wedding pictures…  I really am in awe of your talent to produce such meaningful, personal and atmospheric images.

Kind email from a wedding guest!



We absolutely love the photos and I cried! There really are no words to describe at how wonderfully you captured our day, the atmosphere and the emotion.  And we even have the formal ones to keep the oldies happy! You have captured some absolutely classic, hilarious and beautiful moments and considering we are two of the most awkward people in front of the camera you did a brilliant job. You stayed much later than we even realised so thank you very much for going that extra mile and taking so many fun ones one the dance floor. The words talented and cool have been used so many times to describe you and the photos when we have shown people! You definitely should pop over to Melbourne for a trip, if you ever fancy it let us know! THANK YOU so much again Luce, you have captured our memories and feelings of the day forever xxxxx

Jon + Lyndsey • Manchester, Winter 2014




OMG!! They are absolutely ace!!! 

Cannot thank you enough, got a feeling we might need a couple of albums, there’s some absolute belters!! xxx 

James + Laura • Mallorca + Manchester, Summer 2015




Lucy we can’t thank you enough for being exactly what we wanted. Simon ‘the photograph hater’, even forgot you were there at one point. You really did help to keep everything relaxed. The photographs are AMAZING!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! There are so many to choose from we are going to struggle to pick some for an album… thank you for everything, the photos really capture the day and are just perfect. You have managed to do everything we asked and more. Hopefully see you soon for a tea (and I’m having cake next time too). Kerry xx

Kerry + Simon • Cheshire, Winter 2014



LUCY LITTLE PHOTOGRAPHY - BETH + DAVE PEAKTIPIS-0001Dearest Lucy, I got back home on Friday eve ready to enjoy a weekend of fun and frolics organised by my better half in celebration of my 18th (31st) birthday and I have to say that the best present by far was receiving our beautiful wedding photos. In fact we both agree that this was the best present ever. We cooked a meal, grabbed some aldi wine and got ready on the sofa to watch the slideshow. It was totally amazing in every way Lucy. You had a grown man crying after only 2 minutes and it was just such an emotional and beautiful way to first see the photos of our big day – we loved every second of it – the storytelling, the candid shots, the hilarious sequences, the moments you captured are priceless memories for us, and we cannot thank you enough. We are totally overwhelmed and ecstatic about the photos. You have exceeded our high expectations by a country mile. We think they are just incredible. You have a talent and it’s so wonderful that your job can bring this much joy to people. Thank you again, I keep finding Beth giving the slide show another sneaky viewing – it’s a bit addictive. Once again thank you so much for being so organised, with such great communication all the way through, for a top notch service on all levels and for just being so bloody lovely and charming throughout. You are the best! Loads of love, Dave & Beth

Beth + Dave • Staffordshire, Summer 2014

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just got emails, oh Lucy I’m smiling from ear to ear, you’re amazing, I can’t thank you enough. I love the slide show so, so much. I was just going to ring you but the husband has said it’s too late! Thank you with all my heart you captured everything and more, you’re amazing xx xx 
Faye + James • Manchester, Summer 2014






Wow, where to begin! Thank you so much for the photos – what a candid insight into a day full of treasured moments for us.  We were moved to tears constantly reliving our wedding day.  Every image triggered a memory for us and more importantly gave us insight into what our wedding day was like for our guests – your ability to capture their smiles, their tears, the hugs, the laughter and some very unique dancing, enabled us to relive the day all over again.  We also saw our true selves in your pictures, completely natural and not posed.  The way you have captured our real smiles, our genuine happiness and our love for one another floored us, and will continue to do so, each and every time we look back at these pictures throughout our married life together. You are so talented Lucy and we are so very glad we found you.  Your genuine kindness and compassion shines through each of our photos. Thank you so much again..

Alexa + Tim • Manchester, Summer 2014




Without Lucy, I wouldn’t be able to look back at our wedding and see moments that only an amazing photographer could capture. Beautiful photography, beautiful person.

Kylie + Philip • Cheshire, Spring 2015





All we can really say is wow!! After being away with work when the pics came through we somehow managed to not take a peek until I was home and we were together. We love the slideshow!! It just brilliantly captures our day.  We are so grateful Lucy, you are extremely talented!! We were really touched by your note and the photo you picked… the day really felt like a day of acceptance and support and that picture tells that story – thank you. We will share with our friends and family and I am sure they will have fantastic feedback too. Speak soon, Clare & Chloe Xx

Clare + Chloe • Manchester, Summer 2015





We are absolutely stunned by the photos, they are so amazing. We couldn’t be happier with the whole shoot and the way you’ve captured our happiness and love is so very special, we are truly delighted. Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect as we celebrated our belated engagement party last week, finally feels like we are getting married!! We are going to use one of the images for our save the date, but which one?!?!? Too many amazing ones to choose from! We hope you enjoyed your trip and are enjoying the summer wedding season. Speak to you soon, Ruth & Rob x

Ruth + Rob • Pre-Wed Shoot, Manchester 2015





We love the photos.  They are fantastic and just what we wanted.  You’ve really captured the day brilliantly.  I cried the first time I watched the slideshow (as did my mum, dad and sister!!!). We can’t thank you enough.  It was lovely having you as our photographer.  We hope that you managed to enjoy yourself a bit too!

Sarah + Jonas • Cambridgeshire, Summer 2015






They are AMAZING!!!  You are amazing!!!! Thank you so so much – they’re gorgeous. Keep going through the slideshow again and again.  I may just install it on loop on our TV xxx

Theia + Giles • London, Winter 2015




I waited in anticipation all weekend for your email and when it finally popped into my inbox, my heart skipped a beat! Jacob and I sat down last night and laughed our way through the entire day all over again! Our smiles, our happiness, pleasure and joyfulness all perfectly captured in more images than we could have hoped for.  Clicking through each and every image brought back memories of the day, with all of the details we were so keen to remember. You were an absolute treasure to take part in our wedding; we couldn’t have asked for anyone who’s presence was more personable or delightful. We absolutely can’t thank you enough for allowing our personalities to shine through your images and we look forward to showing them off to all of our friends and family. Take care and keep in touch, Hannah + Jacob xx

Hannah + Jacob • Wales, Summer 2014



“I have to say a huge thank-you to Lucy for her incredible photography skills, she is a real joy to work with and the poster-girl for true unobtrusive, reportage style photography. When these images landed in my inbox I actually cried, it was like being transported right back to this magical day where every moment and emotion was so accurately captured.” 

Michelle – Creative Wedding Stylist for Rachael + Alex’s wedding • Pocketful Of Dreams